Things to do in Jaisalmer 2024

Things to do in Jaisalmer 2024

All about Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer guide cum Jaisalmer itinerary

 Imagine a city in the desert where everything is golden and super exciting. That’s Jaisalmer! And guess what? There’s a special place called Chandragarh Desert Camp that can make your trip super awesome!

1. Jaisalmer City Fun: Discovering Cool Stuff – Palaces, Fort, Lakes, City Views

First, let’s explore the city! Picture a big, old fort with lots of cool buildings inside. We can walk through small streets and see colorful markets, old houses, and temples. It’s like going on a treasure hunt for interesting things!

2. Camping in the Sand: Sleeping Under the Stars
Now, let’s go camping in the sand. Chandragarh Desert Camp has comfy tents where you can sleep like an explorer. When the sun goes down, the sky becomes a big blanket of twinkling stars. It’s like having a sleepover party in the desert!

3. Adventures that Make Your Heart Race: Woo-hoo!
Chandragarh Desert Camp has some super fun things for us to do:

a. Jeep Safari: Imagine going on a bumpy ride in a big car through the desert. It’s like a desert rollercoaster, but much cooler!

b. Parasailing: We get to fly high in the sky like birds. The wind will blow through our hair, and we can see everything below. It’s like being a superhero!

c. Quad Biking: Riding a special bike in the desert is so exciting! We can zoom around and feel the sand under our wheels. It’s like having our own desert race!

d. Paramotor: This is like flying with a big parachute. We’ll go up in the air and see the desert from way above. It’s like being on a magic carpet ride!

4. **Extra Fun Stuff: Eating on Sand and Exploring at Night**
Chandragarh Desert Camp has some more cool things for us:

a. Dinner on the Dunes: We get to have dinner outside under the stars. It’s like having a picnic in the desert. Yum!

b. Night Safari: When it gets dark, we can go on a special adventure with a guide. We’ll use a flashlight to see animals and plants. It’s like being on a nighttime treasure hunt!

Why Chandragarh Desert Camp is Awesome:

– All-in-One Package: They have everything we need for a super fun trip – a place to sleep, yummy food, and lots of exciting things to do.
– Cool Guides: The people at Chandragarh Desert Camp are like adventure experts. They will keep us safe and tell us cool stories about the desert.
– Super Cool Stuff:  The special cars, bikes, and flying things they have are all really safe and super fun to use.

So, are you ready for the best adventure ever? Let’s go on a magical trip with Chandragarh Desert Camp and have the time of our lives in Jaisalmer! Yay! 🌟

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