Paramotoring in Jaisalmer

Rise and Smile in the Sky!"

"Imagine strapping on a cool backpack that's also a magical parachute! Paramotoring in Jaisalmer is like having your own flying superhero moment. With a special motor boost, it's not just fun; it's like giggles in the sky, turning the desert into your very own playground!"

₹ 2000

per person

Quick Info


5-15 Minutes




In Jaisalmer, paramotoring is like having a cool backpack with a special parachute that helps you fly. It's super fun because you get to go up in the sky and look at the big, sandy desert below. The backpack has a motor, like a magical engine, that makes flying easy and safe, even for little kids.

Imagine feeling the wind on your face as you soar up high like a happy bird. Paramotoring is not too scary; it's like a gentle and exciting ride. You can see the pretty desert from way up high, and it feels like a big adventure in the sky.

The best part is that paramotoring is for everyone, even if you're little. It's like a happy magic ride that lets you float above the golden sands. It makes you feel really, really happy and gives you a special view of the desert that you'll always remember. So, if you're looking for a fun adventure in Jaisalmer, paramotoring is the way to go!

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Useful Information

  • Contact us on +91 8239900832 for advance booking and to skip the queue
  • Generally adventure activites in desert have a queue to avoid standing in it and getting direct entry ADVANCE BOOKING IS SUGGESTED.
  • Not booking in advance can lead you to unexpected higher prices based on traffic to avoid such possiblites plan your activites in advance.
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